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25 West 26th Street #415
New York, NY, 10010
United States

(929) 260-3158

At Inderma Studio we strive for flawless skin by using specifically tailored treatments to deliver the best results for your concerns.

The Founder


Nichelle is a professionally trained and licensed Esthetician. A Midwest transplant, she moved to New York to be trained at the Aveda Institute in SoHo and has been working as an Esthetician throughout Manhattan since graduating in 2013. She has specialized in treatments such as Ayurvedic facial massage, Gua Sha, Reiki certification, PCA and Image skincare chemical peel certified, Laser Genesis, Microdermabrasion, Radio-Frequency, Microcurrent for skin tightening treatments for face and neck, Ultrasound body contouring for cellulite reduction and tightening and Lymphatic drainage massage techniques. She also has extensive experience in skincare training working as an expert in her field.

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From an early age I have been passionate about all things beauty. Obsessed with makeup (in the days before YouTube tutorials), reading monthly fashion magazines, plastering my walls with Calvin Klein ads, a sketch book filled with portraits and the need to catch every sunset. I remember when my mom first realized the damage caused by Sodium Laureth Sulfate and a total revamp of our shower and medicine cabinet was quick to follow (Hello Whole Foods beauty department!). As I grew up and questioned what I was actually going to college for, I sought guidance from a spiritual advisor and laid out my top 3 favorite ideas. Surgical technician: stemming from a fascination of the human body and infectious diseases, Children’s Therapist: a desire to help the more vulnerable in unfortunate events and Makeup artistry: because why not. Within my conversation with her it clicked! Esthetician! A slight combination of all three. So here we are years later as I introduce myself and my facial studio to you.

Using my wealth of experience and passion for what I have learned, I have created my own facial studio. Inderma: ‘in dermis’. The dermis is the structural layer in the skin, and that’s where my micro-current work is focused. The Studio is an intimate, candle-lit refuge, fresh flowers and healthy snacks great you. Using only professional grade organic skincare lines, leading edge technology (CACI micro-current- typically only found in Europe) to deliver the best results and create an inclusive space for every body and skin type. An important part of my process is educating people about their skin and making suggestions on how to better heal it’s condition. I offer gentle chemical peels for a variety of concerns, use tools to fight bacteria and others to improve the barrier function of the skin all while building collagen and best of all micro-current for skin fitness! I wanted a place where you felt as if you were heading in to visit a girlfriend, to chat about your upcoming date, vent about the kids, exciting travel plans or quietly catch up on your most needed beauty sleep. Inderma Studio is a relaxing space, with clinical results, without any of the intimidation you find in many spas!